The Tour at Miami

The Tour at Miami

Ho Ho Holydays at Melreese

On December 5, 2020, at the Melreese Golf Club, the eighth edition of the Tour at Miami was held, which was called the Ho Ho Holidays at Melreese.

With the participation of players of all abilities and categories, the tournament took place as always in a fun, joyful, festive atmosphere, as its organizers meant it from the beginning.

This time the winners were Jorge Fernández Valdez and Jorge Villar, 1st Gross and 2nd Gross respectively and Jack Parra, Andrés Cubeddu and Hector Osorio 1st, 2nd and 3rd Net respectively.

But what is the Tour at Miami? Let’s get to know a little about them.

Drawing information from the organizers’ own words, The Tour at Miami “is a Florida-based golf community whose main mission is to bring together golfers regardless of their level of play and promote the sport of Golf in South Florida by providing an unforgettable experience to each player. “

The Tour at Miami was founded in March 2020 by a group of amateur golfers with extensive experience in very high-level competitive golf.

Nancy Vergara, Nicole Ferre, Gabriela Ferre, María Alejandra Merchan, María Andreína Merchan and Carlos Ruiz del Viso are the founders who, after representing Barry University and the University of South Florida in university golf, decided to organize with one idea in mind: enjoy golf, compete and win but always with the aim of having fun and having a good time, with a principle of absolute inclusion, which makes it very accessible to belong to this movement that grows rapidly because it is unique and because it offers what many golfers were looking for.

“We created it with the idea of meeting the need for a golf community in which everyone is accepted. Our priority is to promote inclusion in golf. This community has had an exponential growth, already having more than 600 members, 8 organized tournaments and an intercultural community. 2020 was a year full of learnings, experiences and good golf. The Tour at Miami plans a year 2021 full of events supporting the community and with lots of golf. “

They end by thanking their sponsors, who as in any project are the ones who make its continuity and growth possible: GreenWay Homes, Karibe, Bolay, De Pana Beer, Mina Bistro, Stay Safe, Jones Golf, Caracas Bakery, Lagombrands, Celsius, Copex, B-Owl and Capelles Miami. 



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