The Golf Club. Jugar golf en cuarentena

The Golf Club. Birdies, pars and bogeys in quarantine

March, 2020

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The year 2019 was an important year for golf in the world of video games, thanks to the arrival of the simulator “The Golf Club”, which as a main novelty introduced the official PGA certification, granting it a higher level of realism and authenticity. This simulator produced by the house HB Studios, now also has the support of large companies that have recognized its potential.

Hb Studios was already offering an incredible product considered as the most complete simulator on the market. Now 2K Games, a company recognized for distributing games like <NBA2k and WWE2K> (basketball and wrestling, respectively), has bet on golf fans.

This key alliance between 2K Games and Hb Studios has caught the attention of the PGA, which has supported this project, obviously, after negotiations for the rights that the PGA has.

What makes this game amazing?

The game offers a powerful and varied interface, it is the most solid and challenging golf simulator that exists. It includes new options like the ability to design and create the golf course you always dreamed of and add up to alligators, if you wish. It also offers the ability to customize your avatar with a host of available features and outfits, as you progress through the PGA Tour seasons. And of course, we have the option of creating an online community with other players in the best style of a social network.

Thanks to the PGA licenses, they have been able to include open style championships, which were not previously available so they could not be disputed and played in real fields such as TPC Sawgrass, TPC Scottsdale, or TPC Summerlin. This game mode begins with small competitions, where the objective is to gain prestige and thus be able to compete in large, world-renowned professional competitions.

It is a real challenge to make sure you are swinging with the correct speed and direction to send the ball out of the tee area or a short distance on a green. Getting to the green is just the beginning, the putt is where your skills will really be tested. The game allows you to see the ondulation of each green, but you must choose a line and judge the speed correctly so that the ball rolls inside.

As in previous years, the game’s proposal is to avoid the default shot that the competition offers, considering an incredible number of factors that will determine the quality of our digital swing. When we played for the first time we might feel a slight frustration when not understanding the complexity that the simulator offers us, but it will end up offering us a gratifying experience as a whole.

The important thing of the community 

Unlike many other games, this golf simulator sets the bar very high and is present on both consoles, eternal rivals: the PS4 and the XBOne. They offer an online game mode that encourages the creation of clubs, clans and communities that revolve around tournaments and extensive game modes. This feature makes it a great simulator to experience the isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic in some cities where golf is not included as a permitted outdoor activity.

The state of Florida is one of those that has considered this discipline as an essential activity, as long as the preventive and distancing measures that health agencies recommend to maintain the fight against the disease are respected, but if you prefer to stay at home, you can continue to improve your swing with this simulator.