Shot Scope, a leading international manufacturer of GPS-based golf management systems, and maker of the V3 – golf’s first Smart Watch featuring Artificial Intelligence – has unveiled Course Hub, a free social community within the Shot Scope app where the brand’s more than 50,000 golfing customers can come together virtually to share game information, view and store stats, compete against other golfers and access golf course information from around the world.

Fueling the Course Hub, Shot Scope captures over 1 million golf shots around the world every 10 days from customer base of smart watch users, and to date has over 65 million shots recorded by players using drivers, irons, wedges and putters.

Thanks to the unmatched game tracking technology featured in both the V3 and V2 GPS Smart Watches, Shot Scope data has shown that golfers improve their scoring by 2.7 shots over the first 30 rounds of use.

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch + Automatic Performance Tracking.

Shot Scope V3 is a stylish, lightweight and advanced GPS watch packed with features to aid on course decision making. The new Power-Sense strap, coupled with Shot Scope’s Club ID tags, allow V3 to automatically track every shot you hit on the golf course. 

Automatic Shot Tracking •Dual GPS Accuracy 

• 100+ statistics •Every day watch 

• 36,000 preloaded courses worldwide


Shot Scope offers a wide range of affordable golf GPS watches which help with on course strategy to lower scores and handicaps. Performance Tracking allows the golfer to analyze their game and make informed decisions based on the golf data produced automatically from the Shot Scope Tags. Often wondered if your Driver or 3 wood is more accurate off the tee? Or should you use a hybrid instead of an iron? The Shot Scope dashboard will answer all of these questions! There is no tagging or phone required, the data is collected automatically for post round review.


Shot Scope uses a unique system that allows golfers to effortlessly track their game. Every shot is recorded automatically while playing golf, so that after the round, the golfers can simply upload their round and view each shot they  hit. This then produces performance statistics, where the golfer is able to analyze on the mobile app or on the web dashboard, over 100 different statistics on their game and track their performance.



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