Coming soon, our readers and friends will have the opportunity to obtain promotional codes (will be posted in ads)  to travel and enjoy the most exotic and prestigious destinations and their golf courses in Latin America and also throughout the state of Florida, since in these times of Covid-19 many prefer to take their car and drive, avoiding everything that these days involves traveling outside the country, taking a plane, etc.

At Miami Plays Golf we are truly honored to have been able to join forces with Sandra Reed, director of Golf Americas, to offer this product which we are sure will be used by our readers, as it will allow them access to excellent golf destinations at affordable prices. 

Reed’s experience and track record is what gives true value to what we will be offering. To prepare each offer, the quality, characteristics, services, real estate infrastructure and even the reviews of previous guests are looked over very carefully, in order to be 100% sure that we will only be offering the best, which will provide satisfaction and desire to return to those who decide to take advantage of our travel and tourism plans. But let’s have Sandra give us the details of this important alliance:

What is Golf Americas?

Golf Americas is an organization that was created two years ago with the purpose of promoting Latin America as a wonderful region to enjoy the game of golf. The Caribbean, Mexico, South America offers fascinating and incredibly challenging golf courses. Golf Americas promotes the region for a golf get-away, relaxing environment with friends and family as well as a culturally rich experience. In addition, the region has a strong tourism infrastructure, direct flights, and cultural experiences to enjoy with friends and family.

Why develop an alliance with Miami Plays Golf?

Golf Americas primary focus is Latin America. Our service includes feature stories, variety of packages from different countries as well as expertise in the region. However, we are also aware that Miami is a key destination for tourist from Latin America. In addition, our client base from the USA enjoy traveling to Florida. Golfers travel to Miami and the surrounding counties to visit, shop, and enjoy the beautiful golf courses. Miami is a melting pot from South America, so why not promote to our Latino golfers the exciting courses of Florida.  

Florida offers excellent golf courses, accessible within four to six hours drive from South Florida. Golf Americas experience in preparing packages and expertise in promoting golf outings is another good reason to connect with Miami Plays Golf. Golfers that follow these publications will have access to carefully crafted packages with great amenities at resort facilities, quality food & beverages, and information on additional activities around the area in the comfort of a COVID-19 protected environment. Our readers will receive a top-rated service and prices with our special promotional codes with targeted resorts. So, stay posted and learn of the special offers we will soon be promoting.



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