Sam Snead is one of the giants of golf, a golfer who remained competitive at the highest levels well into his 60s and died as the all-time leader in PGA Tour wins. He was the greatest athlete among golf’s great champions. The swing he employed to win tournaments over six decades remains the archetype of power and grace, his longevity the benchmark of an incredible talent.

He was born on May 27, 1912, Samuel Jackson Snead was born in Hot Springs, Virginia. He got his start in golf as a 7-year-old caddie at the Homestead Resort where his father Harry worked

Snead learned the game by watching players when he was a caddie. He turned professional in 1931.

Snead was a big winner because he knew how to put shots together and could maintain a very high level of concentration. In more than 50 years as an active competitor, Sam Snead won 82 PGA Tour events, and he did it with a remarkably fluid and graceful swing. He participated in 585 PGA Tour events and earned a total of $ 806,676, including his Senior Tour’s gains. Independent record keepers give Snead a total of 135 victories, although he claims 165, which included regional events.

Nicknamed “The Slammer” for the strength of his shots, he won seven major championships.

He passed away on May 23, 2002, after suffering a series of mini strokes. He is buried in Ashwood where he spent his summers for the last twenty-five years of his life.



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