Golf clubs must think of extended strategies to attract new members of the 21st century model and not only by betting on the golf factor.

Golf clubs must modernize their proposal and a special networking program must be included in the new menu. Letting the relationship of the partners happen randomly is a mistake of the leadership.

Some years ago I came into contact with a highly recommended editorial article on the clubs of the future written by Guillermo Perez Chesnau who wondered if the clubs should not be interested in the economic and professional boost of their members, in addition to the sporting motive.

Everyone knows that many businesses are oiled or directly held on a golf course. Many companies encourage their management teams to get into golf.

A hook to attract new partners, in addition to all that the golf factor means for leisure and health, is offering a good networking program to prevent businesses from occurring only randomly and to make them multiply for the benefit of all of them.

The business world is strongly linked to networking and having a program in each of the clubs will undoubtedly convince more than one interested party.

by Miguel Donadío

Management Consulting for Golf Clubs | Speaker | Consultancy Specialized in Negotiation

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