Among the many factors that golfers take care of every time they are going to make a shot, is the grip. There are different ways of taking the golf club that ensure a good grip, which translates into a good impact with the ball and that it comes out in the right direction, where we are aiming.

But many times it happens to us that the grip is affected by the sweat of the hands and then something happens that we always regret: the club slips, we open or close the face trying to minimize the error and finally the result is a shot totally different than planned.

There are several ways to prevent this from happening – the first and most logical is to make sure your hands are completely dry before shooting. We regularly use a towel for this purpose. Other players have three and even more gloves in their bag and change them frequently, avoiding the sweat that moistens the glove and affects the grip.

When we asked several players if they would be willing to try a product that minimizes this problem, we obtained an unanimous yes. So we got in touch with the makers of Dry Glove Lotion, who kindly sent us several samples.

All players who tried it have to admit that it works. After application, the glove stays dry much longer than usual. It doesn’t feel sticky, it’s odorless, dries in seconds, and it’s easy to apply. If you have found yourself in that situation in which the sweat of your hands affects your grip, something that happens very commonly in Florida due to the high temperatures in the courses, we invite you to try it and here we leave you with all the information.

NEW YORK, August 2020 Dry Glove USA has introduced an antiperspirant lotion that will keep golfer’s hands dry for hours extending the life of your golf glove and making your round more enjoyable. Many athletes change gloves frequently during play due to excessive perspiration. Dry Glove solves this problem by keeping your hands dry for hours, is non-sticky, non-chalky, odorless and dries in seconds.

Just apply a small quarter sized dollop of Dry Glove to the palm of your hand, rub it in for a few seconds and the product will disappear. Hands will stay dry for several hours, helping preserve expensive gloves.  The lotion can be reapplied as often as needed.

“Our goal was to develop a product that not only keeps golfer’s hands dry, but extends the life of expensive golf gloves and other sports gloves,” said Dry Glove USA founder Brad Nazzarini, a former college golfer for the University of Alabama who has also played professionally. “We’re eager to improve golfers and other athletes comfort and enhance overall performance. Using Dry Glove will give the user a better grip in any conditions especially hot and humid weather.”

Dry Glove antiperspirant lotion can be purchased at https://drygloveusa.com/, amazon.com and ebay.com. The 1.75 Oztubes retail for $11.99 each. Discounts are available for bulk and wholesale purchases.



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