As seen on the PGA Merchandise Show 2020

As seen on the PGA Merchandise Show 2020


An innovative, two-in-one neck and face mask that prevents sun damage.  A practical an convenient solution to sun protection which allows people to enjoy outdoor activities, worry free from the sun’s heat and damaging ultra violet (UV) radiation. A UPF 50+ Patented Multifunctional Head Accessory compatible with all your favorite Caps, Hats and Helmets and wet keeps you cool.


The NoSweat Golf Hat Liner is an officially licensed product of the PGA TOUR. The product is also a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. As a company, NoSweat is lifestyle brand and manufacturer of products built to increase performance, safety and hygiene for anyone who sweats while wearing some type of hat, cap, visor, helmet or headwear. Its simple peel and stick application allows users to stay dry on-the-go and works with any sports or outdoor activity that involves headwear.


The Birdie Bar is the first nutrition bar made specifically for golfers. It provides essential nutrients unique to a golfer's body to help fight fatigue, sustain focus, and improve performance while on the course - and is designed to withstand the length of the game on extremely hot days. Unlike most sports bars, the Birdie Bar doesn't have a sticky chocolate coating, so it won't melt in your hands or in your golf bag.


A very innovative tee made in America and is the only one of its kind combining all of the key features needed to step up your golf game. It’s a golf tee, divot fixer tool, and groove cleaner all in one. It features an oversized driving head set at the optimal driving height and is constructed out of unyielding plastic. This multifunctional golf tee will allow you to free up your pocket space.


IceRays UV arms sleeves and hand covers are a great alternative to sticky sunscreen for any outdoor activity. Cooling and comfortable to wear and no need for sunscreen. You won’t have to wear hot long sleeved shirts or cover yourself at short intervals with sunscreen lotion while out in the hot sun for several hours at a time playing golf, cycling, gardening or just taking a walk. Added benefits of these great sleeves? They not only provide UV protection but also reduce lactic acid build-up, increase circulation and reduce muscle vibration during intense exercise.


The 9-Eighteen smart app allows golfers to access the food and beverage services from anywhere on a golf course and allows the food and beverage services to locate and deliver in a timely manner to golfers on the golf course.The platform provides for the golfer an ordering app that works universally at every course using the platform. The 9-Eighteen app will revolutionize your on course experience. No need to wonder when you will see the food and beverage cart. Simply place an order from your smart phone, pay through the 9-Eighteen app, and keep golfing. Your order will arrive soon!


T Squared Putters is a small putter manufacturer just south of Buffalo, New York. Since then Tony and his father have been creating high-quality putters in the same facility that creates high precision instruments for the medical field. They pride themselves on creating the highest quality, most precise putter they can offer. They offer a few different head shapes from small traditional blades to high MOI mallets and even a custom program to get exactly what you want. The “T” alignment aid on the flange of the putter is large and easy to use. Not only do you get a straight line from the face to the back edge for alignment, but the back of the “T” also helps you square the putter up to your target.


Backed by more than 60 years of product innovation, Midori Anzen Co., LTD, Japan's largest safety product and functional apparel manufacturer, will debut Midori PF1 … first-of-its-kind fashionable, slim fit golf pants integrated with a protective belt designed to support the back and waist. Designed for golfers seeking the ultimate in fit, function, fashion and safety, the innovative golf pants combine easy-flex technology with a back/waist support belt, which is affixed to the pants at three distinct levels, based on golfer preference. Constructed with high quality, highly elastic fabrics that easily stretch to follow the contours of your body movements, Midori PF1 golf pants will be offered in several styles and fashionable color stories.