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Miami Plays Golf

Miami Plays Golf is a monthly magazine, dedicated exclusively to golf in Florida, from the Keys to Orlando, and its main content focuses on the social aspect of this activity, which is without a doubt the key component that has driven the growth of this sport worldwide.

Playing golf means sharing with people known or unknown for several hours, which creates a perfect environment for business conversations, friendly meetings, celebrations, etc.

Miami Plays Golf is the first golf publication with content in Spanish and English without translations.

It will also be posted on our website and send via e-mail. Over 10.000 impressions

We will organize two annual golf tournaments with sponsorship possibilities.

Differents and very interested sections about golf to impress our readers.

READERS PROFILE: 18 to 65 years old. From Orlando to Key West. All nationalities

Miami Plays Golf is distributed for free in the most important golf courses of the state

Social Networks (Instagram-Linkedin-Facebook) to thousands of followers

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