6 cool gadgets

6 cool gadgets

January, 2020

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Whether you are a serious golfer or you just play to be good enough, you’d definitely want to evolve and get better as a player. The golf gadgets can’t be overlooked with all the advancing technology in our world. Golf is a game for players who accept failures and grow from it through the use of gadgets that helps you to refine your game as you analyze your weak points.

Unfortunately, there are various devices out there, hence it’s hard to decipher which ones are beneficial to you. This article could help you to overlook gadgets that would lower your score. Below is a list of the six best golf gadgets available.

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This gadget comes with a 1.2inch display that is readable even you’re under the sun. It is a reliable gadget that provides you with alerts and calendar reminders. Hence, it enables you to trudge the tee to the ground when it’s time to bring the swing. It comes with other features like hole and hazard distances, automatic short tracking, score logging and map data. Furthermore, in it’s golf mode, it can last you for 15 hours, to see you through the 36 holes.


The Bushnell comes with squinting at markers that enable you to have the purest swing distance on a course. Once you read the green right, you’ll reach for your putter else otherwise, you’ll hunt in the undergrowth. It comes with a 7x magnification that allows you to find the flag and hold on for a vibration that enables you to lock on, hence it offers a yardage count that compensates for slope, air pressure, and barometric pressure.

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This is a popular putter that has a motion sensor that is built into the grip. It’s system automatically logs and shares information about different metrics, sends data into your smartphone for in-depth analysis of your strokes on the green and sends feedback on your tempo. Furthermore, the app comes with training tutorials and drills.


This is recommended for lovers of call. It comes with a  6,000 ANSI Lumens Full HD Projector and an auto tee-up and ball retrieval system. Furthermore, it has pedal buttons, a kiosk with touch-screen, a swing replay camera for analysis of your technique and fine-tunes your execution and a T2 sensor.

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This golf gadget is powered by AI, the system enables you to learn how to play and what you need to work on, as well as offers you distance information, club suggestions and bespoke playing advice that’s specific to your spot on the course. Furthermore, it comes with a 14 compact tracking pucks for real time-guidance, even though it can’t carry your bag.


This gadget is recommended for total tracking without any encumbrance on your clubs. It comes with a clever puck that enables you to pair with your smartphone or tablet as it offers you all the swinging info you need before you channel that data into drills and tracking improvements during training.Furthermore, the sensor can be used to assess your baseball swing and tennis game.


By : Harry Donnelly